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Systematics of cyst-forming nematodes 2010

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Sergei A. Subbotin, Manuel Mundo-Ocampo and James G. Baldwin (2010) Systematics of cyst-forming nematodes (Nematoda: Heteroderinae) Nematology Monographs and Perspectives, Volume 8A and 8B.

Current descriptions of all cyst nematode genera and species, including morphological and molecular criteria, are given. The book consists of two volumes. The first volume contains chapters on morphology, biology, and evolution of cyst nematodes. Guides to methods for extracting specimens and classical techniques for light microscopy, as well as state-of-the-art approaches, specific to cyst nematodes, for applying electron microscopy, biochemistry and molecular diagnostics are included, as are identification keys, descriptions and illustrations of 30 species as well as diagnoses of the six genera: Globodera, Punctodera, Cactodera, Dolichodera, Betulodera and Paradolichodera. The second volume is devoted to the genus Heterodera and summarises classical approaches together with molecular data for identification using PCR-ITSRFLP. Comprehensive identification keys, descriptions and illustrations of 80 species are provided. Building on a legacy of books on cyst nematodes, including those of Franklin (1950), Sharma and Swarup (1984), Lamberti and Taylor (1986), Shahina and Maqbool (1995) and Sharma (1998), we hope that these new volumes will promote accessibility of species descriptions, together with classical and new tools, in the endeavour of the scientific community to work together toward further understanding of cyst nematodes and the management of these pests for worldwide benefits.

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