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Вышла новая книга по нематологии (2013)

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Вышла в свет новая книга по нематологии: Handbook of Zoology
Gastrotricha, Cycloneuralia and Gnathifera
Volume 2:
Edited by Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa

"There are more than a few people who think that all nematodes more or less look the same and are morphologically uniform in shape, as expressed by the common notion that a nematode is “ a tube within a tube ” . How narrow minded this is! Nematodes are extremely diverse and abundant; they have occupied almost every possible habitat and are of extreme economic and medical importance. About 27,000 species are currently described, but it is more than likely that this reflects only a fraction of the real diversity."
Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa

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by Dr. Radut.